35 reasons will prove to you why people love to visit Sri Lanka

The pearl of the Indian ocean Sri Lanka has more to it than meets the eye. Many people are not aware of all the fabulous and unique experiences in Sri Lanka. Below experiences will help you to find out interesting new experiences in Sri Lanka.

01.Great climate

Sri Lanka’s tropical climate shows temperatures around 27 C -30 C in most zones of the island. The uplands in the central province are cold and clement. Nuwara Eliya brings the average of 16 C.

Down south, North and East ancient cities and western areas also experience average temperatures climate around 27 C. It experiences moderately higher temperatures of up to 33 C from the March – June seasons and a few levels are lower at around 24C at the coastline in November – January seasons. Jaffna records a temperature of 28C – 32C.

02. It is reasonable

You can even provide opulence and have spending money for different treats and shopping. It is very easy to find hotels or family-run lodges that give you an extra bit of holiday pampering with great value for money.

03. The wildlife

One of the major reasons why people love to visit Sri Lanka is its diversity and wildlife. There are currently 26 national parks in Sri Lanka.   Yala national park, Wasgamuwa, Wilpattu, Udawalawe, and Gal Oya are the best spots for your most thrilling wildlife safaris. People love to close elephants, bears, deer,  alligators, and more. Normally the best time to visit Sri Lanka for wildlife safaris is from December – August.

04. The history

Sri Lanka has a remarkable history including UNESCO World Heritage sites. Such as Sigiriya, an ancient fortress, built of huge granite monolith, Polonnaruwa, and Anuradhapura were Sri Lanka’s ancient capital, the blessed city of Kandy, with the highly respected Temple of the tooth, the Golden Temple of Dambulla, and the old town of Galle.

05. Beaches

Sri Lanka has many beaches all around the island. It is popular for its blissful looks and perfect sceneries. The whole island is surrounded by the blue ocean. You can enjoy yourself sunbathing and sea bathing. Most of the best beaches in Sri Lanka are located along the southwestern coast.

06. The food

Sri Lanka’s unbelievable foods from the use of local vegetables and fruits, fresh seafood, and spices are amazing. Many meals can be traced back to when the country settled for another place. It is influenced by external components. But those dishes are prepared with a Sri Lankan twist according to the local tastes. These incredible foods in Sri Lanka offer a vivid array of flavor combinations according to your taste.

07. Culture of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the countries with a huge and wealthy cultural diversity. It contributes to the Sri Lankan identity that includes a lot of traditions and rituals.The most important trait of Sri  Lanka is its fabulous festivals. It is one of the main tourist attractions and also religion plays a key role in Sri Lankan traditions.

08. Surfing

Sri Lanka has a suitable climate for surfing. It has been the most famous destination for traveling surfers in the southwest of the country and it is being inexpensive, safe, and having a good quality of waves. It brings the most compatible swells from April to October. But onshores can be a problem during this time. Morning is the best time to go out with the best opportunity of offshore conditions.

09. Jungle Adventures

The jungle adventure is one of the most supernatural experiences in Sri Lanka. It brings memorable things and allows you to spend your evening with a BBQ in front of a campfire. You can even sleep under stellar sky in a cozy tent.

10. Scenic views

Sri Lanka’s landscape has different amazing views that make sure to take your breath peacefully. You can see the landscape with mountains, urban busy cities, skylines, and sandy beaches.

11. Blue whales watching in Sri Lanka

Blue whales are the largest animals that have ever live on our earth. If you needed another reason to visit Sri Lanka then maybe blue whales watching is one of the reasons. There are big beautiful blue whales in Sri Lanka rather than in other countries.  Mirissa, Kalpitiya, Trincomalee are the best places for blue whale watching.

12. Birds watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a stunning country for birds. There are over 435 species of birds in Sri Lanka. Out of these 435 species, 235 are inhabitants. 33 species are aboriginal to the country and other 198 have been recognized as immigrants to the country. Most of the national parks are suitable for bird watching. Sinharaja forest reserve and Kithulgala are recognized as the best bird-watching places in Sri Lanka.

13. White water rafting in Sri Lanka

Water rafting in Sri Lanka is one of the best experiences that you can get from Sri Lanka. It is similar to an extensive delightful experience about leadership, challenges, and critical thinking. This is very famous among Sri Lankan holiday travelers. Kelani river is considered to be the best place for water rafting.

14. Ceylon tea taste

Sri Lanka Ceylon is the most famous known tea around the world. It was started to cultivate and manufacturing Ceylon in Sri Lanka during the British era. It is true if it said, the world’s eye and tongue is Sri Lanka Ceylon tea.

15. Ayurveda treatment.

There are two major purposes for Ayurveda. First, the therapeutic to cure illness and the other one is aware of the health conditions of the person even though the person is sick or not. Sri Lanka Ayurveda facilities and programs give you the best treatment that you deserve.

16. Gems

Sri Lanka is home to various sources of gems. It is one of the top gem-bearing countries in the world with the highest density. Sri Lanka has a long and colorful history of gems.  Ceylon natural gems derive from Sri Lanka previously known as Ceylon. It possesses spectacular beauty.

Sir Lanka is blessed with over 70 high-quality varieties of colorful gems out of 200 found around the world.

17. Yoga retreat

You may have friends who have been addicted to yoga retreats in Thailand, Mexico, or Bail. But there are so many yoga centers established in Sri Lanka which bring you to both physical and mental disciplines to achieve a peaceful body and mind.

18. Suba diving and snorkeling

There are so many amazing scuba diving and snorkeling places in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a paradise for scuba divers to rejoice with almost 1600 km of palm-fringed coastline. Hikkaduwa and Trincomalee are the best places for snorkeling in Sri Lanka.

19. Cooking Demonstration

Food and cooking experience in Sri Lanka gives you the best chance to study the secrets of Sri Lanka’s delicious food from both popular chefs and locals. Food survey the island’s plentiful seafood and different kinds of vegetables and also it is well known for its particular combinations of herbs, spices, fish, rice, and fruits. Whatever you select to eat in Sri Lanka it feels like your mouth is going to rejoice with happiness.

Different colonial cooking methods in Sri Lanka make rich dishes that tell us the complex history of cooking demonstrations

20. Trekking and hiking

There are so many trekking and hiking beautiful areas in Sri Lanka. It gives you a chance to try out a wide variety of hiking and trekking tours through jungles, across tea estates, and up mountains.

The river and beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka are another major attraction that allows hikers and trekkers to enjoy beautiful routes in Sri Lanka.

21. Boat ride

You can have a fresh and windy boat ride on attractive and famous places like Madu diver, Gal Oya, Nilwala river, and many more places which provide you a constructive outlet for entertainment that reduces stress and provide enriching chances for self-discovery.

22. Hot air ballooning

Sometimes you have never experienced the true magic of hot air balloons over Sri Lanka. Hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka generally takes place early in the morning due to the weather is more stable.

The climate in Dambulla and Kandalama is more suitable for flying balloons. You will enjoy it by seeing elephants roaming freely, a variety of birds, water buffaloes standing in the paddy fields, wildlife, and monkeys swinging from the trees while you fly hot air ballooning.

23. Kitesurfing

If you are lucky to visit Sri Lank, then you should appreciate the beautiful surroundings and energetic culture for the unbelievable kitesurfing conditions.

It holds a special place in the hearts of the traveling kite surfers in Northwest Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya, Mannar, Arugam bay are some of the best spots for kitesurfing.

24. Waterfalls

There are over 400 waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Most of the waterfalls are found in the central highlands. Sri Lanka is a place to see all kinds of waterfalls. The important thing about these waterfalls is they are not confined to only the hill country. Many places in Sri Lanka have beautiful waterfalls. It has spread throughout the country.

The highest waterfall of Sri Lanka is Bambarakanda fall which sneaks it into the world’s top 300.

25. Inland and deep-sea fishing

Sri Lanka is blessed with beautiful rivers, countless lakes, reservoirs, and great blue oceans for inland and deep-sea fishing.

Nowadays it is beginning to become a hotspot of inland and deep-sea fishing Sri Lanka holidays. It is an experience for relaxing days with catching fish in a calm surrounding river in the morning.In Sri Lanka, you will be supplied with life jackets, a boat, an experienced guide, and a crew for your deep sea fishing experience.

26. Cycling

In Sri Lanka, the bicycle is the most common form of transport. So cycling is a great way to mix with the people and to gain access to their world. Travel to the ancient cities, the varied wildlife by bicycle gives you a taste for serendipity.

Cycling through the rocks and cave temples of Sigiriya, the cultural landscape of Kandy is very popular in Sri Lanka.

27. Ramayana trail

Ramayana is an ancient epic ascribed poet Valmiki and consists of 7 chapters. There are more than 50 Ramayana sites from the place of Seetha Devi’s captivity. When referring to Ramayana in Sri Lanka you can visit the sites related to the Ramayana including Ravana cave, Ravana Ella, Sri Baktha Hanuman Temple, Seenigama Temple, etc…These places are still unchanged and well connected with the epic. So people are not able to forget the connection of Lanka to the great epic.

28. Train experience

The train trip in Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the most beautiful train trips in the world and most people love it. The train destinations in Sri Lanka are distinctive. These train rides take you through spectacular landscapes of green and lush tea plantations and mountain views. Ella to Kandy train trip is very famous among the tourists and locals.

29. Village tour

Village tours in Sri Lanka give you an important opportunity to experience traditional Sri Lanka with all its genuineness. You can spend time with the villagers and understand the village life. This will be a truly Sri Lankan holiday and experience by engaging in many village activities are from everyday life. Some of the activities are an oxen cart ride, a Batman ride and a walk through the fields and learn to cook traditional village food.

30. Motorbike tours

Motorbike tours have the most adventurous activities that you can experience in rural and natural surroundings. You will see historical sites, national parks, and beautiful cities when you get a chance for motorbike tours in Sri Lanka. You will be provided lots of experiences and it reveals Sri Lanka’s hidden magic.

31.Indigenous ( vadda people )

The vadda is the real community symbol of Sri Lanka. The meaning of vadda is “ people of the forest “. Sri Lanka has indigenous people. It is much older than prince Vijaya’s landing in the 5th century BC.

These indigenous ( vadda ) people experience enables you to study their way of life and witness traditional rituals performed by vaddas.

32.Craft and batik

Craft and batik is a reasonably large industry in Sri Lanka. There are many crafts and batik fabrics to explore in SrI Lanka to help with your shopping choices. It gives you an important chance to see how batik fabrics are made and how wood carving is done.

33. Farming and Agro experience.

Sri Lanka has a long history of farming which has been developed over 2500 years. Sri Lanka is a perfect location for farming and agro experience as well as the way of life of the local people of Sri  Lanka. Food production, animal farms, markets and retail, plants and gardens, overnight stays, farm activities are some types of agro experiences in Sri Lanka that focus on recreational, and income as well.

34. Ancient irrigation system

The irrigation system in Sri Lanka was started about 300 BC in the period of King Pandukabhaya. Many areas are covered with water. Ancient people have created their settlements adjacent to irrigation works. Water was an essential factor for man and there was no irrigation technology at that time and it was the reason for it even though today there is a large number of tasks of the irrigation industry.

35. Meditation

Meditation is popular in Sri Lanka, particularly amongst Buddhist devotees. There are many meditation centers located in various areas in Sri Lanka. It allows you to lead a more productive, satisfying, healthy, and comfortable life, and also it is an exercise for your psychological discipline. Meditation transcends the automatic thinking mind into a deeper state of relaxation.


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