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Geoffrey Bawa Tour in Sri Lanka

Explore the Architectural Genius of Geoffrey Bawa with Walk Lanka Holidays

Join Walk Lanka Holidays on an architectural pilgrimage celebrating the works of Geoffrey Bawa, Sri Lanka’s most renowned architect. Known for his ‘tropical modernism,’ Bawa has integrated nature and architecture in a seamless and enchanting manner. Our Geoffrey Bawa Tour invites enthusiasts and curious minds alike to explore his most significant works across Sri Lanka.

Why Embark on a Geoffrey Bawa Tour?

  • Architectural Insight: Dive deep into the philosophies and designs of Geoffrey Bawa, understanding his influence on tropical modernism.
  • Cultural Integration: See how Bawa’s work harmoniously blends local cultural elements with modernist design.
  • Lush Landscapes: Experience the stunning settings that Bawa chose for his structures, often integrating the natural environment into his designs.
  • Iconic Buildings: Visit a variety of sites, from hotels and private residences to public buildings and schools.

Tour Highlights

  • Lunuganga Estate: Explore Bawa’s country home, a testament to his vision of blending architecture with the landscape.
  • The Parliament Building: Witness the grandeur of the Sri Lankan Parliament in Kotte, a masterpiece of Bawa’s civic architecture.
  • Hotel and Villa Visits: Stay in or visit some of the iconic hotels and villas designed by Bawa, experiencing first-hand the genius of his design.
  • Colombo Walking Tour: Take a guided tour of Colombo, including visits to buildings like the Seema Malaka temple and the National Museum extension.

Personalized and Immersive Experience

Each tour is carefully curated to provide an immersive experience into Bawa’s world. Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, you’ll gain insights into his design principles, his use of space and light, and his legacy in contemporary architecture. Whether you’re an architecture student, a professional in the field, or simply someone fascinated by design and creativity, this tour offers a rich, sensory experience.

Engage with Sri Lanka’s Architectural Heritage

Beyond Bawa’s works, you’ll also have the opportunity to understand the broader context of Sri Lankan architecture and its evolution over time. Engage with the landscape, the culture, and the people that shaped and were shaped by his designs.

14 Days /13 Night

Arrive in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
Check into a hotel designed by Geoffrey Bawa, experiencing his architectural style firsthand.
Evening orientation on Geoffrey Bawa's life, work, and the tour's itinerary.

Morning tour of the National Parliament House, a striking example of Bawa's work. Visit other Bawa landmarks in Colombo such as the Seema Malaka Temple and the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation building. Afternoon tea at the Gallery Café, originally an office for Bawa.
Travel to the University of Ruhuna, observing Bawa's educational architecture. Continue to Galle, check into a Bawa-designed hotel. Explore the Galle Fort area in the evening, understanding its colonial influence and historical significance.
Spend the day at Lunuganga, Bawa's country home and a highlight of the tour. Enjoy a guided walk, exploring the beautiful gardens and spaces designed by Bawa. Participate in a discussion or workshop on Bawa's approach to blending architecture and landscape.
Visit Brief Garden, the home of Bawa's brother, Bevis, which influenced his work. Continue to Bentota, visiting some of Bawa's hotel projects. Stay in a Bawa-designed hotel, enjoying the coastal scenery and architectural elegance.
Head to the Heritance Kandalama, one of Bawa's most famous hotel designs that merge with the natural environment. Optional visit to the nearby historic site of Sigiriya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Return to Colombo for any final Bawa sites or revisit favorites. Reflection and farewell dinner, discussing insights and inspirations from the tour.
Departure or optional extension to explore more of Sri Lanka.

Note: This itinerary is a sample and can be customized according to interest and available time. 

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