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Private Boat and Ferry Services Sri Lanka

Experience the beauty and tranquility of Sri Lanka’s coastal wonders with our Private Boat and Ferry Services. Whether you’re planning a scenic cruise, island hopping adventure, or private event on the water, our services offer luxury, convenience, and unparalleled views of the island’s stunning landscapes.

Features and Benefits

  • Luxurious Boats: Choose from a fleet of well-equipped boats and luxury yachts tailored to your group size and preferences, ensuring comfort and style.
  • Customized Itineraries: Craft your own journey with flexible scheduling and personalized routes, visiting secluded beaches, coral reefs, and historic ports.
  • Professional Crew: Our experienced captains and crew members provide expert navigation and personalized service, ensuring a safe and memorable experience.
  • Exclusive Experiences: Host private events, romantic sunset cruises, or family gatherings aboard our private boats, creating unforgettable memories on the water.
  • Convenience: Enjoy hassle-free transfers between coastal towns, remote islands, and mainland attractions, maximizing your time for exploration and relaxation.

Ideal For

  • Island Hopping: Explore Sri Lanka’s diverse islands such as the scenic Delft Island, cultural Jaffna Islands, or adventure-rich Trincomalee and its surroundings.
  • Scenic Cruises: Relax and unwind with scenic cruises along the coastline, admiring picturesque landscapes, wildlife, and marine life.
  • Special Occasions: Celebrate weddings, anniversaries, or corporate events in a unique and luxurious setting, with our boats providing the perfect backdrop for memorable gatherings.
  • Adventure Seekers: Dive into snorkeling, diving, and fishing adventures in crystal-clear waters, discovering vibrant underwater ecosystems and marine biodiversity.

Booking and Support

Booking your Private Boat or Ferry Service is straightforward. Contact us to discuss your requirements, preferences, and itinerary plans. Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring a seamless booking process and exceptional service throughout your maritime journey.

Sail into Unforgettable Memories

Embark on an extraordinary maritime adventure with our Private Boat and Ferry Services, offering unparalleled opportunities to explore Sri Lanka’s coastal beauty and hidden treasures. Whether for leisure, exploration, or celebration, our services promise a unique and memorable experience on the water. Book your private boat today and set sail for unforgettable memories in Sri Lanka.

Our Gallery

Dive into a visual journey of our best moments, showcasing the joy and adventure experienced with our tourists over the recent months. Relive the memories and inspire your own journey!


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